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Modern society has received a very difficult challenge in preserving our planet`s ecology that has led to different approaches in many sectors of the way how energy is consumed, energy efficiency, the development and implementation of different fuels and engines.

As a company that historically deals with internal combustion engines, we study, develop, test and implement newest solutions for different engines. 


There is no unanimous decision about what kind of engine is better: diesel or petrol. Someone is sure, that diesel is the best way to run with lowest per km cost, but different researchers have proved that converting petrol engine to autogas gives more economical effect even after 30-50 thousand kilometers. It is also to consider that different fuel system solutions and different engines give "economical feedback" earlier or later. It depends on the price of the system and engine`s fuel consumption. 

Autogas (mix of propane and butane) has such benefits:


1. It is safe as petrol (and in new generation of systems even more reliable and safer)

2. Economically viable, giving a 40-50% saving on fueling your car

3. Ecologically more friendly than any other fossil fuel by means of a more pure and complete burning/combustion

4. Gives nearly the same power characteristics as driving on petrol, if calibrated accurately by professionals


 If you drive a car with a big engine, sooner or later the question of cutting the fuel expenses will arise. We can definitely say, that there is a solution for 90% of petrol and some diesel engines, by converting the engine to autogas or other fuels. 


 There are different types of autogas systems which are suitable for mostly any kind of complicated or simple engines... no matter it is multipoint or direct injected engine... or even a diesel.


If you follow this website, you may find a lot of interesting facts about lpg (autogas), propane vehicle maintenance and lots of more facts, that we discover during our working days. Meanwhile we study new opportunities for DIESEL engines by implementing DME as an alternative for DIESEL that is considered as a 21st century fuel.


ProGas LLC is a company with lots of experience in autogas and we are glad to share our experiences with you.


Feel free to contact us for any enquiry.


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ProGas LLC, Ukraine

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