What is ProGas ?

ProGas is a Ukrainian company. Our main profile is autogas systems. We sell, install and develop new solutions with autogas systems.


ProGas company was founded in 2004.  We were mostly enthusiasts at that time with very few resources and expretise in disposition, but with lots of will to go forward. The desire to develop and grow has helped us to overcome main difficulties which face recently opened companies and now we develop our abilities, even at these difficult times.


After a decade of working at the Ukrainian`s market we can definetly confirm that we`ve done a lot and wish to do more.


-We were the first to introduce liquid propane injection systems for the multipoint injection engines in Ukraine and Russia in 2010.

-We were the first company to start converting to propane the Direct Injection engines, installing liquid direct propane injection systems (lpg) in 2011.

-We have made a solid network of parter-companies in main regions and cities of our country, which assures our client to maximum garantee and reliability of our solutions and equipment.


Every initiative in autogas system gives us a lot of expertise and inspiration to do more and more. 

What ProGas is doing now?

A ten-year experience has given us a complete understanding of the actual market of lpg systems in Ukraine, its strong and weak points.


We consider as Ukraine`s  strong points:

- Few regulations and restrictions for alternative fuels, which make the installation as simple and affordable as possible

- Legislative support from the Ukraine’s Government based on the law about the alternative fuels

- Wide positive perception of lpg/autogas systems by the end-clients due to its positive economical effect 

- Noticeable price difference between petrol and lpg

- Wide national network of lpg filling satations, both inside the major cities and on the highways


We consider a weak point:

- Due to the simplicity of starting a new lpg conversion business, most of new installers have a very few expertise and can not support their clients in a propper way

- Most of the conversion centers are based on a 1-3 person total and are mostly short-term "initiatives"

- Due to a poor marketing a tech policy of main equipment sellers/suppliers, there is a low loyalty from a conversion centers, which decision of system usage is based mostly on the price, but not on the quality



We understand that it is useless to work with "one-day" installers and we focus our forces towards car dealers and importers, who have and access to loyal clients, who understand the price of liability and quality. 


We are also developing a form of franchising making a training, support and sales programs for our new clients.


A completely new approach based on a highly trained technicians system calibrations:


Another good achievement was an introduction of on-road calibrations for each client who has converted to autogas its vehicle in any of our conversion centre. This approach helped us to improve technical/mechanical quality, quality control, fuel savings, engine`s reliability and to determine possible faults in advance, much earlier that any consequence has come.  And of course this is a best way to gain a clients loyalty. 


We are also testing a system of calibraing autogas vehicles using internet and remote control programmes to tune vehicles in any point of the world. We have seen good results in it and hope to develop a viable solution.

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