What means LPG of AutoGas or propane-butane?

   LPG is a mixture of hydrocarbons which appears in a vapor form at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. Another characteristic of LPG is that the gas, by temperature decrease and/or pressure increase, the vapor will change to liquid due to the low boiling point. This has the significant advantage that LPG can be stored in a tank in liquid form.


   The composition of LPG used in the Ukraine is 70% butane in the summer and 70% propane in the winter. This leads us to the conclusion that the gas always consists of a butane and propane mixture. 


   Due to the price attractivness, which floats in the anual average of 50-60% less than a petrol or diesel there isa stable demand on the autogas conversions. It should be taken in consideration, that our Government also takes care to for the tax payers anddeclines 15% revenue tax on the amount, that you`ve paid for the conversion.


   Another important fact that there are no so much regulations for 





 The only measurement to be taken is to increase the pressure when storing the LPG. The increase in pressure is caused by the vaporization of liquid gas in a sealed container. On average, the volume increases by a factor 250 during vaporization.This depends on the composition and temperature of the LPG. Vaporization In case the amount of liquid gas decreases, the remaining volume will be filled with vaporized gas.


   The vaporization and condensation is a continuous process that only terminates when the tank is completely empty. The pressure of the vapor (vapor pressure) of the gas again depends on temperature and composition. 

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